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20 Questions with Laura Wayne

Laura Wayne
Producer and Project Manager, Stark / Raving Branding + Digital Marketing

Laura Wayne

It is our pleasure to introduce you to the person that keeps this well oiled machine of an agency well-oiled, and our Producer and Project Manager – Laura Wayne. Learn more about Laura with our 20 questions!

S/R: Where are you from?
LW: I’m a state hopper. West (of) Philadelphia born and raised, lived and worked in Southern New Hampshire, Boston, New York City, and finally landed in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont 12 years ago.

S/R: What is your role at Stark / Raving?
LW: Producer, which encompasses project management, Human Resources, and a passion for informing participants in video conferences that they’re on mute.

S/R: Do you have any pets?
LW: I have a menagerie! One dog, two cats, one parakeet, and three rats. Yes, rats. They’re incredibly intelligent and affectionate.

S/R: What was the last book you read?
LW: If I want to sound intelligent, I’d give you the title of one of the true crime novels that fascinate me. If I need to be honest, I have been reliving my 80s and 90s childhood by working my way through the literary magnum opus of the Sweet Valley High catalog.

S/R: Favorite place you have visited?
LW: London... Twice... Better each time! 10/10 would go again.

S/R: What food can’t you have enough of?
LW: Day old Kraft macaroni and cheese or Turkey Hill Peanut Butter Cup ice cream. Better yet, let’s have both. Dinner AND dessert.

S/R: How do you take your coffee/ tea?
LW: Add some sugar free French Vanilla Coffee-Mate and you've got my cup (or three) of coffee each day.

S/R: If you could have superpowers for one day, what power would you choose?
LW: Flight... or teleportation... can I have teleportation that involves flight?

S/R: What is a fun fact about yourself?
LW: That, when asked to name a fun fact about myself, I spend a lot of time weighing the level of “fun” in each fact and therefore suffer from choice paralysis and an episode of self-doubt where I feel like I’m not interesting enough to contribute to getting to know you team building activities.

S/R: What is your favorite tv show?
LW: The Golden Girls - I'm a Dorothy. “No! No, I will not have a nice day!”

S/R: Wine or beer?
LW: Wine. Pinot grigio. Sometimes from a bottle. Usually from a box with a spigot. Nothing but class and ease of access.

S/R: What is your favorite season?
LW: I live in Vermont. I think I’m required by state law to say Autumn.

S/R: Are you left-handed or right-handed?
LW: Right-handed. While unproven, it’s been said that 2,500 lefties die each year using equipment designed for righties. It may not be true, but why risk it?

S/R: What is your favorite color?
LW: Green. I don’t know how to make that response witty. It’s just green.

S/R: Who is your favorite band and your favorite song they’ve released?
LW: Green Day – Popular choice: Basket Case, A Little More B-Side: She's a Rebel or Brain Stew.

S/R: What is something that will never be in your recipe book?
LW: Anything that includes bell peppers. Bell peppers are trash vegetables used for trash reasons.

S/R: What is your favorite holiday?
LW: Halloween – there is no better scent than that of a bowl full of assorted candy on an October night.

S/R: Why did you pursue a career in project manaagement?
LW: I’m incredibly logical and pragmatic. I find a great deal of satisfaction in checking off boxes and crossing off a to do list. I promise, it’s more fun than it sounds. I also love developing relationships and getting to know people.

S/R: What would you do if you weren’t a project manager?
LW: In a past life, I taught high school theater. I absolutely adored working with those teenagers. Students of the Arts are the most well-equipped to be resourceful adults, with refined critical-thinking skills and the ability to understand, and interact with, the world around them.

S/R: Favorite movie?
LW: Pretty Woman. We had it taped off TV when I was a kid (does anyone remember free preview weekends on Showtime?). The sound on our VHS cut out for the last 5-10 minutes of the recording. When I bought a new VHS later in life and finally heard the last moments of dialogue, I was very disappointed. “She rescued him right back.” Julia Roberts was robbed.

S/R: What do you like to do outside of work?
LW: I’m a mom, so I’m pretty sure I mostly do mom things. Some of which I enjoy. Especially the part where it is socially acceptable, nay expected, for me to drop my kid off while wearing pajamas. Unfortunately, that is not acceptable when I want to eat at a nice restaurant, which is what I really like to do. We can’t have everything.

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