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Stark / Raving Branding + Marketing

Branding and marketing agency team collaboration and culture

It all started with a bold idea.

An idea to create a superior branding and marketing agency built on tailored creative and agile strategies that support growing companies and scalable startups. An agency that strengthens businesses by actively engaging customers to exceed marketing objectives. An agency equipped with exceptionally talented professionals, with unique skillsets and collective expertise in strategy, design, content, media, production, and project management. A team who will challenge your thinking and deliver on-target work focused on delivering results.

Stark / Raving is a branding and marketing agency offering a suite of services to clients in life sciences and health, climate tech and renewable energy, and technology and SaaS who share a growth mindset. We are dedicated to working with ambitious brands who have breakthrough innovations and sophisticated stories to tell. Combining fresh thinking with deep insights and zero egos, we create effective campaigns that meet client goals and foster meaningful connections between businesses and their consumers.

At the core of our team’s approach is a commitment to excellence, purpose, risk-taking, creativity, and passion. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in every aspect of our work and strive to support the journey of businesses with clarity and intention. With a commitment to every project, we ensure that our work is both fulfilling and impactful.

Meet Our Team

It's a perfect mix of ingredients that makes us Stark / Raving

.01 Creativity Rules

Creativity is the catalyst that fuels innovation. We address every obstacle with openness and flexibility to generate the unique solutions that drive success.

.02 Act Boldly

To achieve greatness for not just ourselves but our clients, we must take risks, push boundaries, and step out of our comfort zones. There is no other path.

.03 Stay Curious

Curiosity keeps the mind sharp. It drives exploration, challenges assumptions, and encourages a deeper understanding of the industry trends and consumer behaviors that power business strategies.

.04 Keep an Open Mind

We recognize that relinquishing control and entrusting others is difficult. Our goal is to alleviate the burdens that prevent your company from doing what it does best–creating, developing, and executing great products and services.

.05 Foster Collaboration

Our process deliberately incorporates collaboration to ensure your team is informed and involved at every stage. Through transparent communication and teamwork, we’ll strive to attain measurable outcomes that align with your defined goals.

.06 Respect the Process and the People

We value the relationships and mutual respect we develop with our clients. We consistently deliver results by taking a consultative role that is solution-oriented and centered on providing a positive working experience.

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