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Case Study: Clean Energy Lives Here

Clean Energy Lives Here Logo

Accelerating the adoption of clean energy technologies using a dynamic multichannel marketing campaign.

Clean Energy Lives Here Logo

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) is a state economic development agency dedicated to accelerating the growth of the clean energy sector across the Commonwealth to spur job creation, deliver statewide environmental benefits and to secure long-term economic growth for the people of Massachusetts.


MassCEC’s objective is to promote the adoption of clean energy, decrease expenses, and provide financial, environmental, and economic development advantages to energy consumers and utility customers throughout the state. With increased support from the Department of Energy Resources and the Commonwealth to expedite their mission, MassCEC’s marketing team collaborated with Stark / Raving to create a comprehensive educational website coupled with a marketing campaign that utilized both digital and traditional channels. The goal was to raise awareness of clean technologies among renters, homeowners, and building owners throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


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Renewable energy company logo design and development
Renewable energy company icon design

Building a brand from the ground-source heat pump up.

The collaborative effort of MassCEC and Stark / Raving led the way for a new state-wide initiative. To begin the project, a brand identity – including name development, logo design, color palette, and iconography – was promptly established to serve as a distinct program, incorporating certain features of the MassCEC brand identity. The resulting concept, “Clean Energy Lives Here,” communicates Massachusetts’ and its residents’ pioneering role in embracing clean energy technologies.

Renewable energy company user experience design
Renewable energy company brand development

Connecting consumers with educational content, resources, insights, and clean energy professionals.

The website served as the centerpiece of the program, so much so that we deemed it the product we were marketing to consumers. The website had various objectives, including offering educational information on new clean energy technologies, providing advice on best practices, informing the public of Massachusetts’ clean energy goals, and connecting consumers with professionals and technicians. With over 500 distinct pages of content, cleanenergyliveshere.com has emerged as a trusted resource for the most up-to-date information on transitioning to a clean energy home.

Renewable energy company digita tool development services
Renewable energy company digital article layouts
Renewable energy company website design and development

Making information easily accessible to encourage consumer action.

When developing the new website, the incorporation of MassCEC’s wide range of content in a logical way was of utmost importance. The initial stages of website development were dedicated to information architecture and detailed wireframing. Our team worked closely with MassCEC’s marketing team to audit and categorize the content, which included a wide spectrum of clean energy topics and technologies. Our UI/UX team then produced a detailed site map, outlining the website’s structure and hierarchy, thereby enhancing the consumer journey. This exercise resulted in an easy-to-navigate website that provides a comprehensive range of resources, all accessible with just one click.

Renewable energy company user experience design

Interactive tools that connect consumers with clean energy pros.

The campaign’s main emphasis was on education, with the ultimate objective of motivating residents to take action and install clean technologies in their homes. To achieve this goal, our team developed an interactive tool that enabled residents to conduct comprehensive searches for trained installers in their area, specializing in the particular technology they wished to incorporate into their homes. By utilizing MassCEC’s database of certified contractors, we facilitated the transition from consumers learning about clean tech to installing clean tech.

Content strategy that bolstered search engine optimization.

The website’s content and functionality underwent a transformation throughout the course of the campaign. Initially, the strategy was to offer downloadable resources in PDF format, enabling consumers to access the content offline. However, after extensive analysis, our teams determined that converting all downloads to live web pages would enhance discovery by optimizing the website’s content for search engines. This effort resulted in increased organic traffic and complemented our search engine marketing endeavors to drive traffic and interest to the website.

Renewable energy company digital article layouts

Streamlined workflows that allow for easy updating and maintenance.

The scope and scale of this website, coupled with the ever-evolving clean energy technologies, required a streamlined workflow to enhance and maintain the platform. Our teams worked together to establish a content calendar, along with a system of development and review cycles, resulting in a seamless process. From technical maintenance to incorporating new tools or developing fresh resources, our workflow produced a regular cadence of up-to-date content, keeping visitors engaged with the website.

Engaging consumers at every touchpoint with a multichannel approach.

We developed a comprehensive media plan for the campaign that took into account the customer’s journey from initial awareness to conversion. Our strategy utilized a range of traditional and digital media, integrating research, demographics, geography, seasonality, and existing metrics to optimize targeting and media spending. To increase awareness, we employed various channels such as connected television, streaming radio, and out-of-home advertising. For re-engagement and conversion, we implemented targeted banner advertising, social media, and search engine marketing techniques.

Renewable energy company video planning and storyboarding

Bringing clean energy to your home through connected television.

Utilizing connected television (CTV) and programmatic advertising has emerged as a cost-efficient and precise way to engage with consumers. CTV refers to a television set that is connected to the internet and can access various streaming services and online content. Our team effectively utilized this technology to reach specific target audiences using data such as demographics, interests, and browsing behavior. Through CTV, we were able to deliver high-impact commercials across streaming platforms like Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu.

Renewable energy company television ad character design

Using storytelling to illustrate the transition to a clean energy home.

The MassCEC team prioritized enhancing residents’ accessibility to complex technologies by utilizing visual storytelling. The website features numerous examples, such as detailed infographics and diagrams showcasing how cleaner alternatives function within homes. This approach to storytelling was also incorporated into the campaign’s television commercial. The ad uses a cutaway home as a backdrop to guide viewers through the process, from beginning to end.

Renewable energy company Pandora radio ad
Renewable energy company out of home ebike advertising
Renewable energy company out of home billboard advertising
Renewable energy company out of home ebike advertising

Staying true to our mission with out-of-home advertising.

The use of out-of-home (OOH) advertising was pivotal in conveying the message to Massachusetts residents. We recognized the significance of selecting mediums that were consistent with our mission of promoting clean energy alternatives. Our team carefully chose OOH options such as solar-powered recycling bins, bike share kiosks, and digital billboards to spread the word about embracing cleaner choices. Through this statewide campaign, we held ourselves accountable and highlighted the importance of adopting sustainable practices by using environmentally-friendly media outlets.

Clean Energy Lives Here Out of Home Digital Billboards
Renewable energy company radio marketing advertising

Connecting with commuters through streaming radio.

Alongside our out-of-home media placements, we integrated an audio element to better engage with consumers who are frequently on the go. Using popular streaming platforms such as Pandora and incorporating 30 and 15-second radio advertisements accompanied by banner ads, we were able to enhance our visual message with audio and a direct link to the website.

Play the Commercial

Engaging and remarketing to consumers through digital display advertising.

Incorporating digital display advertising into our media strategy was crucial due to its capability to provide tailored content to potential customers throughout the buying journey. By utilizing a range of branded and technology-specific ads, we were able to improve brand recognition and direct consumers to targeted landing pages. Our plan also employed remarketing techniques to engage with users who had previously interacted with our website or social media channels, in order to encourage them to take further action.

Renewable energy company paid social media

Placing the benefits of clean energy directly in your social feed.

Incorporating a social media component is an essential element of any effective campaign, and we leveraged Facebook and Instagram to connect with enthusiastic individuals throughout the state who were seeking cleaner energy alternatives. By using this platform in conjunction with both online and offline tactics, we were able to consistently reinforce our message and provide consumers with the opportunity to become passionate advocates for the program.

Keeping clean energy top-of-mind with a steady cadence of educational content.

The Clean Energy Lives Here campaign successfully mobilized residents and gained a devoted following through a variety of channels, including popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as more conventional channels like newsletter signups. Our comprehensive nurturing strategy involved utilizing both channels to provide ongoing education to our loyal supporters, with the ultimate aim of transforming them into enthusiastic ambassadors for clean energy.

Renewable energy company organic social media
Renewable energy company email marketing strategy

Maintaining relationships and increasing engagment with email newsletters.

Utilizing email newsletters was an important aspect of our strategy for building and maintaining relationships with our client’s customers. Given their core mission of educating the public about clean energy, we leveraged this communication tool as a direct line between MassCEC and their customers. This approach enabled us to provide frequent updates regarding new content availability, news about the positive impact of the clean energy movement in the state, and valuable tips and resources that could support customers in their efforts to adopt clean energy.

Continuing the conversation through organic social media.

In addition to our paid social media efforts, we utilized organic social media as another effective means of maintaining engagement with our client’s customers. Our team implemented a consistent stream of promotional and educational posts throughout the campaign to stimulate conversation among followers, re-engage them with the website, and provide opportunities for them to share the information with individuals in their personal networks.

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