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Ulcerative Colitis

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Ulcerative colitis is a disease characterized by inflammation (the changes that happen when tissues in the body are injured) of all or a portion of the large intestine. There is presently no medical cure for ulcerative colitis, although surgical removal of the colon would cure the disease. Ulcerative colitis is generally treated with medications against diarrhea and infection, medications which suppress the immune system (the body system that protects a person against foreign substances) or with surgery.

This clinical study was a randomized controlled trial of the investigational drug versus placebo in patients who have failed to respond to 5-ASA therapy. Participants were randomized to receive either the investigational drug 4mg bid or placebo bid twice daily for a total of 12 weeks. Disease activity will be measured using the Disease Activity Index (DAI) at visits 3 through 8.
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