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25 Questions with Lena Young

Lena Young
Content Specialist, Stark / Raving Branding + Digital Marketing

Lena Young

Please join us in welcoming Lena Young to the Stark / Raving Branding + Digital Marketing team as our content specialist! Lena just joined our team in the new year and we've already learned that she's always willing to help you out – unless folding laundry is involved. Learn more about Lena with our 25 questions!

S/R: Where are you from?
LY: I grew up on a horse farm in Easton, PA.

S/R: Wow! Do you still ride horses now?
LY: Not often, I did last year after not riding for 5 years, but I’d like to get back into it.

S/R: Dogs or cats?
LY: Dogs

S/R: What do you do outside of work?
LY: Go the gym, read, spend time with friends. I also have a food/fitness blog.

S/R: A blog? Tell us more!
LY: I started a WordPress blog during grad school and then I discovered Spoon University, which is owned by Food Network. I got involved and started exploring the Boston food scene more, and now I come with free food perks. Check out my blog Young Fit Fam and follow me on Insta!

S/R: Where is a place in the world you want to visit?
LY: I want to travel the world, but if I had to pick one place – Greece, mostly because of the food. I love Mediterranean food and culture, and it looks beautiful.

S/R: You’re at an event where you have to go around the room and share a fun fact about yourself. What do you say?
LY: I’ve been a vegetarian for 22 years!

S/R: What’s your favorite color?
LY: Black – goes with everything!

S/R: Right now, we’re half and half so we need to know – are you left-handed or right-handed?
LY: Right-handed

S/R: Beer or wine?
LY: Wine

S/R: What’s your favorite way to spend your weekend?
LY: Going somewhere warm

S/R: What’s your favorite sports team?
LY: The Philadelphia Eagles

S/R: If you could choose to live outside of Boston, where would you want to live and why?
LY: Italy because the food, the wine, the weather – the everything.

S/R: How do you get inspired?
LY: I usually go on a run, or a lot of the time I’ll print things out, put them on a clipboard, and write or edit on a bike at the gym. Getting your body physically moving usually gets the creative juices flowing. Either that or Pinterest.

S/R: Do you have any hobbies?
LY: Running, lifting weights, boxing, exploring and traveling, dog sitting / walking, watching sports, and I’m a personal trainer on the side.

S/R: What's your favorite month of the year?
LY: July

S/R: What's your favorite TV show?
LY: Currently, A Million Little Things. The Office, Friends and Desperate Housewives are good throwbacks.

S/R: What’s your favorite holiday?
LY: Thanksgiving. Primarily because it’s a holiday where you can go home and see friends and family and it’s not as consumer-based. It’s about spending time with loved ones and enjoying good food together – and the big rivalry football game in my hometown!

S/R: What is your guilty pleasure food?
LY: Chocolate – specifically KitKats.

S/R: Who was your most played artist on Spotify for 2019?
LY: Meek Mill

S/R: What is your perfect pizza?
LY: Gluten-free crust, pesto and tomato sauce, spinach, arugula, tomatoes, mozzarella, eggplant – and from Italy.

S/R: What is your favorite book?
LY: The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

S/R: What’s your biggest pet peeve?
LY: People who walk slow, especially when they’re looking at their phones and unaware. And the bikers in Boston.

S/R: If you could have superpowers for one day, what power would you choose?
LY: I’d want to become the magic genie and grant people wishes.

S/R: What chore do you absolutely hate doing?
LY: Folding laundry or ironing clothes if that counts.

Welcome to the team, Lena! We'll be sure to call you when we're looking for the best food in town!

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