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25 Questions with Jocelyn Moniz

Jocelyn Moniz
Designer, Stark / Raving Branding + Digital Marketing

Jocelyn Moniz

Please join us in welcoming Stark / Raving's newest designer, Jocelyn Moniz! Jocelyn is a recent MassArt grad with a great eye for design. Learn more about our newest team member with our 25 questions!

S/R: Where did you go to college?
JM: Massachusetts College of Art & Design, MassArt

S/R: Where do you find your inspiration?
JM: I’m very inspired by nature and the natural world. A lot of the drawings I make are of plants or some sort of animal.

S/R: Favorite font?
JM: Brandon Grotesque

S/R: Tell us a fun fact about yourself.
JM: I’ve had the same haircut my whole life.

S/R: What do you do outside of work?
JM: I’ve been drawing on my iPad a lot lately and I like going to antique stores.

S/R: What got you interested in antique stores?
JM: Old signage, I found some cool neon signs on one trip.

S/R: What would you do if you weren’t a graphic designer?
JM: I’d be a veterinarian, or someone who owns a dog daycare or kennel.

S/R: What food can’t you have enough of?
JM: Sweets – like chocolate cake.

S/R: Coffee or Tea?
JM: I’ve really been into chai lattes lately. I also like iced coffee with a little cream, but hot coffee when it’s cold out.

S/R: Why design?
JM: I’ve been doing it since I was 15 since I went to a technical school.

S/R: Were you interested in any other shops at the tech school?
JM: I was Interested in childcare.

S/R: What’s your favorite sport?
JM: Can sleeping be a sport? I like walking also.

S/R: Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande?
JM: Ariana Grande

S/R: If you could choose to live outside of Boston, where would you want to live and why?
JM: Westport, near Horseneck Beach. I went a lot as a kid and the houses there are really pretty.

S/R: Serif or Sans Serif?
JM: Sans serif – it’s clean. But it does depend on my mood and what I’m working on.

S/R: Do you have a favorite designer?
JM: Aaron Draplin is pretty cool, his work is interesting, and Adam JK.

S/R: Favorite month of the year?
JM: October – it’s spooky.

S/R: Favorite TV show?
JM: Either It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia or Bob’s Burgers.

S/R: Favorite holiday?
JM: I like Halloween – the atmosphere, the movies. I like the scary movies and Halloween children’s movies for the nostalgia.

S/R: If you could have dinner with one person – dead or alive – who would it be and why?
JM: Bob Ross, I just want to hear him talk.

S/R: What is your favorite band/artist of all time?
JM: Fleetwood Mac

S/R: What is your favorite book?
JM: Honestly, I haven’t read a book in so long.

S/R: What’s your biggest pet peeve?
JM: When people chew with their mouths open or smack their lips when they’re eating.

S/R: If you could have superpowers for one day, what power would you choose?
JM: Super speed, so I could get a bunch of stuff done in one day and chill the rest of the week.

S/R: What’s your favorite board game?
JM: Jenga – it’s just fun.

Welcome to the team, Jocelyn! We'll be sure to add a Jenga tournament to our Fun Committee list!

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